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Volunteer Guide In preparation for your meal please see the FAQ and answers below. Thank you! Group Volunteers for Evening Meals on Tuesday and Thursday

What is the Cost for Serving a Meal at Agnes Table The Program Coordinator will be responsible for planning the meal with the group and purchasing the food for the meal including milk. The group will then provide a minimum donation of $150.00. The program coordinator will let the volunteer organizer know the menu a week in advance, and then on the scheduled date the volunteers just need to show up ready to cook and serve! We will still honor the old method if your group is interested in buying the food. Also we do want everyone to have a chance to volunteer at Agnes’ Table if the group is on a restricted budget please talk to the program coordinator. We can be flexible depending on the circumstances. How Many People Will We Be Serving? We usually serve about 80-90 patrons and with seconds we will serve about 120 meals How Long Will I be Volunteering? We start meal preparation at 3pm, Dine in service will begin at 5pm, and takeout meals are served at 5:00 pm, meal service ends at 6:30. Then please be prepared to stay and clean up until 7-7:30 pm How Many Volunteers Do We Need? We recommend that there are 5-6 volunteers for preparation and 7-8 volunteers for meal and drink service. The volunteer positions are going to be approx. 4-5 people for food service, 1 person for drink service, 2 people for dishes (please make sure to have a dedicated dish washer it is a very important job), and a greeter who counts how many diners attend the meal. What to Expect? Parking- There are 2 city lots next door to Agnes Table the one directly to the east is 2 hour parking and the one behind it by the bowling alley is 4 hour parking. Both are monitored 9am-5pm Unloading- There is a door with a ramp in the back alley on the north side of the building Arriving to Volunteer- Upon arrival you will be asked to sign in, wash your hands, and then check in with your group leader to see how you can assist with food preparation. When the group leader has enough assistance with food preparation there is an opening side work check list that can be reviewed. The program coordinator will be available to answer further questions. What Should I Wear? Requirements are closed toed shoes, no sleeveless shirts, hair pulled back, and hats encouraged.

Upon arrival you will be asked to wash your hands and wear gloves while touching food. Age Requirements Please be advised that children under the age of 14 years are not allowed in the kitchen area near the stove. They can assist with desserts, and food and drink service. Please make sure that all children have adequate parental supervision. What Equipment is available? 2 Convection Ovens 2 Standard Ovens Commercial Dishwasher 6 Burner Commercial Range Walk-in cooler and freezer Microwave Oven Pots and Pans and Cooking Utensils Food Service Trays Bowls Silverware Coffee Maker and Coffee Pots Can Volunteers Eat at Agnes Table? Yes!! Volunteers will be invited to eat at 6:20 after the guests have all been served. An exception to this is the dishwasher they are invited to eat sooner because they tend to be busy at the end of the meal. Other Requirements Please be advise that all food and food handling will be according to Safe Serv Practices. Please ask the Program Coordinator for guidance in regards to proper attire, handling, and food service regulations. Individual Volunteers Agnes Table has community volunteer days if we do not have a group to sponsor our evening meals on Tuesday and Thursday. The Program Coordinator will post these days on our Facebook page. If you would like to volunteer on these days please call or message Ali 715-579-6173. Thank you!

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